It was a long time desire for The CEO of The SFXMAN to finally meet MORRIS.  Morris is universally famous and is great person and planner of   Horror houses.  He is also the President of Morris Costumes and they have such competitive items and great products.   The CEO of SFXMAN  takes much interest in Morris' products and looks for methods and relies on the research of their products.  Bringing a piece of U.S.A. to Asia. Morris knew many necessary components and has influenced the HORROR HOUSE industry.  It was ammended to these degrees,  which allows us to manufacture many things that are available in our company.  That is to say some that is excellent in finished production and some with improvement in process still more is available in many degrees that can come thereafter.  That is possible because simply the action was much to  due because there must not be breakdown in communication within the company.  I am very thankful to President, Morris who counsels so that we can have minimal amount of trial and error.  


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