Crocodiles are very popular in the theme parks
and theme cafes/ restaurants.
It is known that when
people throw copper(penny/ coins) in the
crocodile's mouth
one receives good luck.
But, that is not
for a real crocodile!
Don't worry crocodiles are harmless.
Especially ours,
they don't bite but they look like they will.
Our crocodiles can be kept
for a long time with a
small expense
in your theme park
or theme cafe/ resturants.
We are ready to deliver
all over the world.
Don't worry youdon't have to feed them!
There are some that move
and some that do not move
You can select!  









Sfxman skills vary. Always researching on the newest developement.  We put in our pride to bring life force into our manufactured model  creations.  To create a life like natural crocodile we will do the work and send it over to you.  We develop it and produce it.  We have the highest and superior in quality comparing to any other company in Asia. So, we highly recommend it very proudly.




The actions of the crocodile is divided into four parts: The eye's opens and shuts. The mouth opens and closes, the body moving forward and back, feet walking. This is doneto display the crocodile working naturally.  We Input memory by a program and control it and decide on the actions one by one.  It is ideal to just turn 'on' the switch and it moves automatically.  The mechanism we use is safe and foolproof because of it's  simplicity.  Please send us an e-mail if want to receive a detailed catalogue to: ( title it "Croc")

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