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SFXMAN is a company which manufactures models and inventions in the theme park areana. Our company's face is in the effort of work that creates  high level manufactured creations.  You can see what articles and how we produce delightful demonstration effects in our pieces.

HOUSE OF FEAR - We manufacture various articles naturally to implement objects to fill the 'HOUSE OF FEAR'. We can also reconstruct or upgrade the pieces that already exists; We can take an old equipment and redefine it like it was just bought yesterday. We can offer lifelike satisfaction and bring joy to the spectators.  Our engineers can come to your doors and set up all the creations and also hands on to decorate your 'HOUSE OF FEAR'.        more

It's your dream come true! - We are enthusiastic about our work, and to make that dream of yours come true, which is always 110% for us.  To please each and everyone is not an easy task,  but we do this joyfully and of cours willingly.  We put a lot of time into research to make our creations  possible, as there has been the experience that is of many.  We must be pleased with our work in order to pass our product over and we sweat to satisfy customers.    

SFXMAN Materializes the effects that gives movements to our models.  This is with the use of computer control and to appear very real, in other words, animatronics is done with detail.  This provides more interest to the spectators, bringing the OOOHH's and AAHHH's.  So it is safe to say that SFXMAN invests much time in all our work in the company.  Do not hesitate to introduce and apply new technology bring your world to the advance world.  We are going to invent many interesting and delightful exhibits into your future.

 We create in our own studio and sell our very own detailed and well-structured dinosaurs, of all kinds.  It is in the actual life size and is great to display it in any small parks and exhibitions.  The dinosaurs are equiped in many establishments and mainly in theme parks because of it's outstanding size.  The pieces harmonizes to each establishment and simply wherever is the best to put it.   more

  We shall take in any requests and supply your special order.  We can even receive your digitalized photo data sent via electronic mail and structure the pieces almost immediately.   All requests are welcome, whether it be a museum or displaying it in a business center whatever is necessary we can provide the service.  Please view more to eye sample our pieces.  .  more


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